Microsoft has blocked users from installing subscription based click to run software and license base windows installer (msi) products on the same device. I haven’t been able to find a proper explanation as to why this is the case other than some vague note that they won’t work well together.

Office installed using Click-to-Run and Window Installer on same computer isn’t supported
One of the main benefits of the click to run product as touted by Microsoft was that the virtualization technology used in C2R allowed the users to run them in an isolated environment, so we could have multiple versions of office products running side by side!!

Nevertheless we had to install these products on the same computer, as we wanted to use the licenses that we already owned. And I have installed and used them together without running in to any issues so far (obviously that doesn’t mean it’s 100% issue free).

Things to note:
At the moment If you have either a C2R product or a MSI product currently installed you won’t be able to install the corresponding other.
The example below is how to install a MSI product (e.g. Visio) when there is office 365 C2R product already installed.
Once this work around is in place if you plan to uninstall a product, you would get the same error message. So you need to have a custom uninstall script.

The main issue is the prompt below that you get, which stops the installation from progressing.

I ran “Process Monitor” to audit what the setup application is doing during the installation. And as you can see it enumerates the installed programs list, and searches for the specific application types. What we can do is to Delete(temporarily) the office 365 C2R install REG files and then go ahead with the installation. And after the installation import back the registry settings.

The example batch commands below are to export/delete/import the REG settings for Office 365 2016 C2R

Export the registry to the current directory where the script is located
regedit /e %~dp0\O365Export.reg “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\O365ProPlusRetail – en-us”
Delete the registry keys for Office 365 C2R
reg delete “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\O365ProPlusRetail – en-us” /f
Now you can install the MSI product without any issues
After the installation is done you can import back the settings.
REGEDIT /S %~dp0\O365Export.reg

And obviously you can package up the application in conjunction with the commands above so these applications can be deployed without any user interventions.

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