Below is a list of core application that would usually be included in a SOE. You could find all this information on the net but thought it would be convenient to have them all in one location so you/I can use it when creating or updating a SOE image.

These have been tested on a Windows 7 SP1 image. But should work on any newer OS

All applications listed below are free or GPL apps that can be deployed in your organization without purchasing any licenses, except for the obvious 🙂

Package Acrobat Reader DC:
Download URL:
customization wizard
How To Package:
extract the MSI
AcroRdrDC1500920069_en_US.exe -nos_o”C:\Temp\MSI” -nos_ne
Use 7zip to extract to folder
configure the Setup.ini as required (use the custWizard to create MST files if required)
e.g. “Setup.ini”
[MSI Updater]
Install Command: setup.exe /sAll /rs /l

Download URL:
How To Package: Install the MSI with MST file below
Install Command: MSIEXEC.EXE /I 7z920.msi TRANSFORMS=7-Zip_Customizations.mst /norestart /qb!

CD burnerXP Program:
Download URL:
How To Package: Download and install the provided MSI
Install Command: MSIEXEC /i cdbxp_setup_x64_4.5.4.5306.msi /qb ALLUSERS=”1″

Flash player:
Download URL:
How To Package: Download and install the provided MSI
Install Command: msiexec /i install_flash_player_19_active_x.msi /quiet /norestart

Package Google Earth Pro:
Download URL:
How To Package:
Download the latest Pro version exe
Install the application on a test machine
Look in the C:\Windows\Installer folder for a MSI file with a matching time stamp
Check the properties of the MSI to confirm it’s for google earth
Use the attached MST for registration (using generic UN and GEPFREE serial)
Or create your own. Ref:
Install Command: MSIEXEC /I googleearth-win-pro- ALLUSERS=1 /QB TRANSFORMS=GEP.mst

Package Office 2016 MSI:
Download URL: from media or through EA site
How To Package:
Extract the ISO to a folder structure
Download any updates that have been released and add the MSP files to the “Updates” folder
For Oct 2015
For Nov 2015
Run setup.exe /admin and create a Customization MSP file
Install Command: If you have setup the MSP file then just run the setup.exe

Package Office 365 C2R:
Download URL: Deployment tool
How To Package:
Configure download.xml file
Setup.exe /download Download.xml
Configure install.xml file to install
Install Command: setup.exe /configure Install.xml

Package Paint.Net:
Download URL:
How To Package: Create an MSI from the downloaded exe file /createMSI DESKTOPSHORTCUT=0 CHECKFORUPDATES=0 CHECKFORBETAS=0
Install Command: msiexec /i PaintDotNet_x64.msi /qb

Package PDF split and Merge:
Download URL:
How To Package: Download the MSI version
Install Command: msiexec /i pdfsam-v2_2_4.msi /qb

Package SCCM endpoint protection:
Download URL: [64bit] direct link: Update [64bit] 05/2015:
How To Package: Slipstream the update
Configure a custom policy XML if required or push the policy through SCCM
Install Command: setup.exe /s /q

Package Silverlight:
Download URL:
Install Command: Silverlight.exe /q

Package Skype:
Download URL:
How To Package: Download the MSI file above
Install Command: msiexec /i SkypeSetup.msi INSTALLLEVEL=1 STARTSKYPE=FALSE ALLUSERS=1 TRANSFORMS=:RemoveStartup.mst TRANSFORMS=:RemoveDesktopShortcut.mst /qr