You can use the below instructions to slipstream updates to the SCEP clients. This process also should work for any future updates.
These instructions are for the 64bit clients, but you should be able to figure out how to create a 32 bit client using the same process.

Download Main standalone client:
Client version direct link:

Rename the file as needed e.g scepinstall_4.7.209.0.exe
Use 7zip to extract the exe contents to a folder “scepinstall_4.7.209.0


Download the latest update [May-2015]

Rename the update file and extract to a folder using 7zip, same as above.
e.g “updateinstall


Create a new folder called “SCEPClient_4.8.204
From the client extract folder “scepinstall_4.7.209.0” copy the below files to the “SCEPClient_4.8.204” folder

Everything in the \amd64 folder


Copy the Required language folder and the below files from the root folder



Now slip stream the updates:
Make sure you overwrite the files when you copy the updates

From the extracted update folder “updateinstall
Copy everything in the /amd64 folder and overwrite the old files


From the root of the update folder copy and overwrite the below files and folder


Final install folder should look like below.


You can now install it using the setup.exe
e.g setup.exe /s /q